Thursday, 16 June 2011

Milk is running out

I just finished this cup of tea, I have enough milk for one more cup. DH has got an awful cold, he worked (from home which isn't unusual) yesterday, I don't know if he's feeling well enough to do that today, he seems worse than yesterday.

Dilemma, I have only enough milk for one more cup which will take me through to about half past ten. Normally, DH would just pop down to the shop, it's about 2 miles away. I would take the dog and walk it as a four mile walk holds no fears for me, but it's along a fast A-road, not very pleasant and more than a bit dangerous given Missy's habit to go sniffing. DH would argue with me not to go as he has in the past and I don't want to put him through that, he would just struggle out if I said I was going.

I can drive, I have driven lots of cars, when I had a proper job, I owned one of my own for years but it's been a long time since I've been behind the wheel and I've just realised, I have never driven DH's latest which he's had about 18 months. It's a big car, an estate, so we can fit in all the boxes which I take to the market every Saturday. I'm a bit worried about driving something so big but if I don't ... no more tea with milk today.

I have some choices:
  • Order some from Sainsburys, it will come tomorrow
  • Drink fruit teas all day
  • Drink my normal tea with no milk
  • Take the plunge and drive DH's car for the first time but the places to park are so limited (and small) in the village's narrow streets, I think I'd be sure to have to turn round and come home without any (which would be annoying!)
I'm posting this as a blog posting as I realise that both of us are pretty much healthy and happy for most of the time. I really never take the time to appreciate that so when we're both back to the peak of health, I will not take it for granted as much as I normally do.

Of course, if we had a milkman, this wouldn't happen, there would be one behind the front door like magic. I miss having a milkman. One of the casualties of modern Britain. I wonder if there are any places in the UK where milkmen still exist?

I'm hoping I do not catch this cold as it might put me out of action for Saturday at the market. I have been visualising a sterile bubble around my nose and mouth which filters out any cold viruses. I'm a great believer in visualisation as a means of healing oneself; I use it a lot to minimise the impact of headaches which I get from time to time and lately, it's been working. It's not an instantaneous cure but I haven't had one that lasted two days for well over a year since I started (touch wood) and so I think the visualisation helps get rid of them quicker and makes them less bad.

It's all about positive thinking and so (applying that principle) I hereby announce that I am going to enjoy drinking tea without milk! 

I hope anyone reading this is fit and well!

EDITED at lunchtime:
DH went to the shop, without me even asking! He just came out to the shed where I was making beads and said he was going to get some and off he went in his car despite me saying I could manage without. It's not as if he wanted some for himself, he drinks black coffee or fruitjuice (or beer if I need the glass!!)  Isn't he a love? I have the bestest bloke in the world! xxx


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