Friday, 20 May 2011

Sparkly poncho

This is my latest completed knitting project. A sparkly poncho knitted in Firefly using a pattern I bought from the knitting shop in Alnwick when we were on holiday in Northumberland recently. As soon as I saw the pattern, I knew I wanted to knit it without any idea of when or where I would ever wear it - suggestions welcome!

DH is elsewhere today so I've had to take the photograph myself on the 10 second timer. I had such a peculiar expression on my face as I tried to work out whether it was going to take the picture or not that I've had to crop my head out for fear of scaring my followers!


  1. Seems like I haven't been here for ages, I had to dust off the connect button to get here. Look what I've found. Oh.... like it....
    Very much.
    Got a pair of earrings to match ? :-) xxx

  2. Methinks my black bubble baeds would go particularly well ... :-)

  3. Forgive the spelling ... it looks medieval, quite like it! I might call all my beads "baeds" in the future :-)


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