Wednesday, 25 May 2011

Cambridge Beer Festival

It's the Cambridge Beer Festival this week! Guess who has been drinking beer so I can make beer bottle beads, yes, it's good old DH. He may have disappeared from Facebook but he still supports me in other ways! He doesn't really like beer ... he only drinks it for me ... ;-)

Look out for recycled beer bottle beads being turned into jewellery later on this week so I can engage any stray festival goers who wander round the craft market on Saturday!


  1. Your husband must be a great guy!

  2. We have some little green bottles if that's any help. We have to drink the contents so the bottles can go ontop of our garden canes, to stop you poking your eye's out. Well that's our excuse :-) No sneaking all the way down here and borrowing them !
    :-) x x x

  3. He certainly is a treasure!

    Great pretext for emptying your bottles but they are safe, Midge - I have plenty of green ones! :-)


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