Wednesday, 6 April 2011

To dye or not to dye ....

... that is the question. I have been collecting hair dye for sometime. I keep buying it but never using it. This is just a small collection I have amassed, some got thrown away before we moved to this house three years ago. I've had temporary hair colour rinses before, you know, wash in and they're supposed to last 6-8 washes but after two washes you're peering in the mirror going "where's my snazzy new hair colour GONE?"

I've also had a permanent red streak in the past, I got it done and was right pleased with it but then Freddie Ljungberg got his done and everyone thought I copied him when it was HIM that copied me (footballer for Arsenal for those who don't know who Freddie is). Freddie hasn't got any hair at all at the moment ... definitely won't be going with that one!

For a short time I was red all over and when it grew out, it looked quite good because everyone at that time was having their hair "tipped" where only the ends get dyed, so I was in fashion without meaning to be.

But this stuff is semi-permanant, the kind that stays in and if you don't re-dye it, you get an 'orrible line. I want to go a couple of shades darker than my naturally brunette but not quite black. There's the problem, once I start with this, I'm thinking I'm going to have to keep going forever.

The greys used to be the odd one or two, then they got to be the odd few and now they're a definite noticeable sprinkling. I'd like to get rid of them but am a bit bothered about having to keep doing the hair dye thing. I need people who regularly dye their hair to tell me it's not that bad ...


PS Apologies for the lack of blog postings lately, I was without telephone and broadband completely for two days last week. A branch on an ash tree in the garden has rubbed away at the telephone cable. It contains lots of twins of wires and my connection was one of those at the top where it has rubbed through. The absolutely wonderful BT telephone engineer has fixed me up with another pair of wires lower down in the cable as a temporary measure but it's definitely compromised the whole performance, at least I can work now but it's very slow - almost as slow as dial up used to be! The cable is going to be replaced in a few days so hopefully the broadband speed will go back up to normal then so my internet activities are a little curtailed. How did we manage before broadband?!


  1. Do it! I have to dye mine every 2 or 3 weeks, but it's great cos I can swap between the red and the plum colours. The plum one is quite dark so I think you would like it and would look great on you. The ones I use aren't permanent either. I think they're made by Casting.

    It's not that much hassle to do as long as you clean up after yourself! Sometimes, the odd purple or red bit gets left on the bathroom floor.

    It's cheaper than the hairdressers too!

    Go for it! Be brave!

    Love Sandy

  2. I had my first red streak for a special do 20 years ago. The hairdresser asked me if I was sure about it as I would get hooked on colour. I thought she was being a bit melodramatic but she was right !!

    My hair is now completely grey but nobody would know. The downside is I have to have it coloured every 3 weeks at the most, otherwise I feel very self-conscious about the hard grey line.

    The big problem is, where do I go from here? I can't see myself with grey hair and my OH is keen for me to keep with the colour but it's not just the cost, it's the time spent at the salon - I am not brave enought to do it for myself. So how do you go grey gracefully? Do you tone it down to blonde and gradually let it grow out? I've never seen myself as a blonde. Or cut the whole lot off really short and let the grey grow naturally?

    So be warned - but go for it. Life's too short to go grey - unless you know it's going to really suit you and not just make you look old !!

  3. Thanks, both but I'm still umming and ahhing about it. My mum decided to stop dying her hair a couple of years ago and whilst a head of grey hair is fine for someone approaching 80, I'm not sure I want to do it as I approach 50!

  4. I am approaching 30 and the greys have already started to show! My goddaughter asked me the other day what those things around my eyes were and I told her that they were wrinkles and that they were there because I was getting old. To this she replied, 'Yes, you are old Auntie Gabby. But don't worry, you only have 1 wrinkle. Mummy has 6!'

    Kids, eh...?! Bless her! :)

    Gabby at Gabby's Bazaar


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