Monday, 11 April 2011

Georgina, the gecko, helps celebrate 30 years!

It's DH and I's  pearl wedding anniversay today - we have been married for 30 very happy years! :-)

I admired this lovely gecko brooch on Les's Facebook page a few weeks ago. Les (aka the Hairy Growler) is a fellow stallholder at Cambridge's Art & Craft market, he makes beautiful recycled jewellery out of stainless steel and silver spoons and coins. As you can see, his piercing work is exquisite.

I went to see him on the Saturday following as I was genuinely interested in buying it but he told me he had sold it to the first person who saw it when he put it out. I wasn't surprised as it's so beautiful. Les was REALLY vague about when he was going to make another one for me to buy. What he didn't tell me was that DH had bought it for me - they kept the secret very well between them! Thanks, both of you! xxx

We're taking today off and are going to Rufford Abbey, a beauty spot near Clumber Park about half an hour's drive from here, we're taking Missy and a picnic, there are some nice gardens to walk around (and they let in dogs), craft shops, forest and nature trails plus a big lake to walk around. Hope everyone else has a lovely day too!


  1. Happy Anniversary to you both! That really is the most gorgeous brooch but I love the spoon with the cut out too - did you get that into the bargain?

  2. Hi Caroline, thanks! Yes I did get the spoon too, the brooch can rest in there when it's not being worn but I think Georgina will be gracing every jacket and every coat I wear throughout the year as I love it so much!

  3. What an original idea for a present and what a fantastic present! Georginia is so cute! Bet you wore her today.

    Hope you both had a wonderful anniversary and enjoyed your day today.

    Love Sandy

  4. Sharon Cannings11 April 2011 at 20:11

    Amazing how lovely DH can be now and again! He hides it so well...
    Have a lovely anniversary

  5. Happy Anniversary. I hope you had a lovely day.
    I have never been to Rufford Abbey - it sounds lovely. We had a walk at Clumber on Sunday - it was very busy unless you went off the main drag, like we did. Must venture that bit further and visit Rufford some day.

  6. Thanks, everyone, had a super day, rain held off! It was nicely rounded off with warm seafood and pasta salad and a bottle of Chianti last night!

    Hiya Jean - Rufford Abbey is also busy at weekends but great if you go during the week (even during school holidays). Though by going on a Monday, we found the craft exhibition (which changes every few weeks) was close but DH looked after the dog whilst I wandered round the craft shop full of lovely things. It was barely more than an atmospheric ruin and mill when we first started visiting many years ago, it's been commercialised now but it still enjoys plenty of room and out of the way places to avoid any crowds if you do venture there at weekends. It was free yesterday but they charge for parking during the summer and bank holidays.


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