Tuesday, 8 March 2011

Cobalt blue; Kate I thank you

I'm not much into fashion. It's not that I'm not interested, I am (a bit) - it's just that it doesn't seem to apply to my lifestyle.

I spend a lot of my time in my studio making beads which means my clothes are at risk of being burnt by stray bits of hot glass if I'm not paying very close attention. In the afternoon I'm making jewellery which is a little less hazardous but I can't be bothered to get changed into better gear in the afternoon. Plus I have to walk the dog later on which means I have to wear flat shoes or boots and again - I can't be bothered to get changed so I pretty much live in practical jeans or cords, hand knitted socks (always), and a T-shirt with a sweater or sweatshirt over the top when it's cold. I put on training shoes, big heavy walking boots or wellies on depending on the weather and location for the afternoon Missy walk so skirts and dresses are pretty much out of the question.

I did used to wear suits and nice blouses and make up to work in the old days when I was a PA. I even had a couple of designer suits and wore 10 denier tights, lipstick, hairspray and stillettoes. Gosh, I can't walk in anything over a two inch heel these days! I was well paid and could afford to splash out a bit - those were the days (but I don't miss them that much!)

So I tend to rely on others to inform me of the ways of the world of fashion and when I was reliably informed by a fellow Etsian who works in the fashion industry that cobalt blue is all over the catwalk this season, I decided I had better get in on the act. So here are some cobalt blue beads, now on sale in my SoozBeads Etsy shop ... I have even worked out for myself the reason for this obsession. It has to be the colour of the lovely dress worn by Kate Middleton upon the occasion of the announcement of her engagement to Prince William.

Plus I am even more impressed with myself for being minorly ahead of the game because, even before she told me this, I already had these earrings in my SoozJewels Etsy shop, made with beads I made by melting a Harveys Bristol Cream sherry bottle.

Who says I'm not bang on trend?!


  1. Gorgeous colour, I love your new spangle beads too. You must get through a lot of Harveys Bristol Cream ;)

  2. Hi Alexis, my excuse is it was Christmas quite recently ... ! :-)

  3. LOL, Sue - I used to be like that too - power dressing and high heels - but these days I look more like a scarecrow as my bench is in a dusty cellar, full of cobwebs, where I was banished after setting the kitchen table on fire! My favourite colour is cobalt blue, so for once I might be in fashion too - thanks for this great post :)

  4. "Power dressing" reminds me of the shoulder pads we had in our blouses (let alone jackets!) I hear Dallas is coming back ... I fear I shall have to watch it if only to see if they've had wardrobe failure too! :-)


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