Wednesday, 16 March 2011

A 20 minute phone call from Anthony Head!

How would you like a 20 minute telephone call with Anthony Head? I know I would! Anyone who has been reading this blog for a while will know that Anthony Head is my number 1 favourite actor. Occasionally, I have Anthony Head days where I spend the morning making beads whilst listening to either the album he made with George Sarah or the Once More With Feeling CD issued after the musical episode of Buffy The Vampire Slayer and then in the afternoon I make jewellery whilst watching Buffy and/or Merlin DVDs (or Manchild or The Invisibles if I've got them from Lovefilm).

Anyway, Anthony is holding a charity auction in aid of the Mental Health Foundation. The highest bidder gets a 20 minute phone call from Anthony himself.

All the instructions are on this page I've linked to on the Official Anthony Head website. As I type, the bidding is up to £320 and bound to go higher before it closes. I am sooooo tempted, it's for a very good cause. Having suffered a bad bout of depression coupled with disabling panic attacks in the early 90s and come through it, it's something that I would like to support. If only my business hadn't suffered so badly with the snow last Christmas, I might just have gone for it (and not told DH!) Ha, this will be a test to see if Geoff reads my blog, he says he does ... but sometimes I doubt it! He seems to tolerate my Anthony Head swooning in much the same way as I do his intent interest in Julia Bradbury (of Countryfile fame) whenever she's on TV wearing a t-shirt without a bra on underneath!

Since the news was announced on the Anthony Head newsletter, I have been fantasising about what I would talk to him about, I'd like to ask him about his music, I really love the album he made with George Sarah, will he do another (acoustic version this time maybe, he does Freebird in an episode of Buffy). My favourite track is This Town in the Rain. I'd also tell him which are my favourite Buffy episodes and ask him if any stick in his mind. I'm fascinated how someone I find so appealing can be playing Geoffrey Howe in Iron Lady, a film due out this year about Margaret Thatcher. It will be quite an acting feat (which I'm sure he will carry off extremely well). I didn't fancy Geoffrey Howe in the slightest so I'm really intrigued to see his performance.

I'd ask him for a signed photograph and what he means on his website when he says "RIP Ripper"? Giles didn't die in the 7th series of Buffy though he did disappear back to England for quite a time. In a panic, I went on line checking I hadn't missed series 8 and I think it must've happened in some comic book that Joss Whedon was tied up with and apparently there are some novels that have been written carrying on where series 7 finishes. All I can hope for really is that he has another auction when I'm not quite so strapped for cash!

I bet I'd probably just get all tongue tied and starstruck and not be able to think of a single thing; I imagine I would probably just spend most of the time just listening because he has such a lovely voice! Ah, and then the fantasy goes to what he would say to me - I'd best not go into any details ... ;-)

PS Many thanks for permission from Liz (who runs the Anthony Head website and newsletter) to use the photograph of Anthony on the phone.


  1. So sorry babe :-)
    Head in the stars... try Brian Cox Oh.... should be prof BRIAN COX :-) x x xx x as good a guy you know who is... have to watch the real stars :-) xxx swoon :-) like a hundred and one other's ! ! !

  2. You are obsessed, woman. ;-)

  3. Bless! I foresee that this saturday you'll be in hyper-sale mode to try and justify bidding on it... good luck!

  4. Tee hee this made me laugh. I was saying to Dan, what would happen at the end of 20 minutes? would the line just go dead? would you have the 'pips' to alert you your cut off was approaching to give you time to say your goodbyes...?

  5. Many thanks for the comments, everyone!

    Brian Cox is a little young for me though I can see his appeal! I like the Wonders TV programmes he's made. I'll stick with my current obsession and keep saving up! :-)

    Not sure what happens at the end of the 20 minutes but I'd like to find out and let you and Dan know! :-)


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