Tuesday, 8 February 2011

Lampwork beads for sale

For the first time since I started making lampwork beads, I am currently making more beads than I can actually use in my own jewellery business and so I'm making a small selection available to purchase in a separate Etsy shop called Sooz Beads.

I'm not selling seconds, I am only selling beads that I would be happy to make jewellery with myself. When things get moving again in Spring, there probably won't be many left over, so snap them up whilst they're available!


  1. What beautiful colors! (colours)

  2. Thank you both, love the spelling, Betsy! :-)

  3. Hey it's Jeni Day.
    I was wondering if you would be able to make a pair of earings and one pendant for me, with these beautiful beads. (As it is five days from my 18th, I have persuaded Mum and Dad, that it would make a nice present).
    I understand if you have sold out :)

  4. Hi Jeni, congratulations! I'll message you via Facebook and we can get something sorted out for you.


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