Saturday, 22 January 2011

Wedding jewellery

My heart confetti arrived through the post this morning and so I've been photographing the jewellery I made with the recycled Rosé bottle beads.
These have all been listed in my Etsy shop. The plan is to be back at my stall at Cambridge's Art & Craft market from next Saturday onwards (if the weather forecast is dodgy though, I probably won't be there until February) and so I'll have them with me there too.

I celebrated my first Etsy sale yesterday! I changed my shop over to dollars and also introduced free worldwide shipping, I'm not sure which of the two things tipped my luck but I'm glad whichever it was! A lovely jewellery designer in the USA purchased a set of etched Harveys Bristol Cream Sherry beads. We both think that these will look great with the seaglass that she mainly works with. This is a market I wouldn't have reached but for Etsy so I'm hap-hap-happy! I have missed the buzz of making sales on my stall and am also looking forward to being back out there amongst my customers.


  1. Congratulations on your Etsy sale!

    And the wedding jewellery is gorgeous. Great photos too!

  2. Fab pics Sue - the wedding confetti really set them off spectacularly. Any bride would be proud to wear them! Well done on your first Etsy sale too!

    You should get lots of wedding followers on Twitter now you've put the word "wedding" in

    Love Sandy

  3. Wow, that didn't take long since opening - well done! Told you Etsy was great!

  4. Not always what you know Sue :-)
    REally pleased for you, you will have to grow more fingers and make more pie's
    The beads are a colour to die for by the way :-) x x x

  5. Congratulations on your first sale and may it be the first of many! Oh and love the wedding jewellery its beautiful

  6. Great pictures Sue. This is a beautiful blog!!

  7. Quelle perle satinate sono SPLENDIDE! Ros

  8. Beautiful beads and pictures!

  9. Thank you for all these lovely comments, everyone.


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