Monday, 17 January 2011

New recycled beads (Rosé wine bottle)

This is a new colour for me for my upcycled/recycled range, this time I used a Rosé wine bottle which had clear glass to show the colour of the pinky wine inside. Unlike Bombay Sapphire where it's the bottle that is the lovely colour, in this instance, the glass is clear and remarkably "clean" for glass from melted bottles.

I think it looks lovely etched as it is here and I can envisage some beautiful bridal pieces using them - keep a look out for new jewellery soon!


  1. Wow Sue! I can certainly see brides going for them big time! Love the lighting effect. They actually look like tiny lamps inside the beads.

    Love Sandy

  2. These look great, I like the matte effect. Can't wait to see your new pieces made from these beads.

  3. Beautiful Sue, they look like they're glowing.

  4. Is this from the new kiln? They're luminous.

  5. I know you didn't go anywhere near a beach with this :-) :-) x x x
    Really lovely Sue.....:-) x x x

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  7. Thanks everyone for all your wonderful comments, I think this is a record number of comments for my blog; I'm so glad you all like the beads!

    Yes, Betsy, these are from the new kiln - I'm getting on very well with it :-)


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