Sunday, 2 January 2011

Messin' aroun'

I've been playing with Etsy this afternoon. I rephotographed all the earrings I have in stock made with Bombay Sapphire lampwork beads and have listed them in the my new Etsy shop. Then I read up about this thing called a Treasury. People seem to like it when they get included in one and seeing as I'm so new, I thought I'd be unlikely to be featured so soon so I made one myself in my company colour of aquamarine. I only included one of my own items, all the rest are things I like which are in Etsy and are either aquamarine colour or its close cousin, turquoise. It's called Aquamarine Dreams Hope you like it too!

I'll be adding the rest of the range of recycled/upcycled earrings very soon:
  • Cava bottle
  • Perrier water bottle
  • Harveys Bristol Cream sherry
Coming soon (when I get my new kiln): jewellery made from upcycled wine bottles and the much anticipated return of the beer bottle.


  1. That was hard work Sue. Bet you had to drink everything first too. TUT :-) HARD WORK PAYS OFF :-) XXX Happy New Year

  2. Happy New Year Sue! Well done on getting the shop up & running. Treasuries are great as your work gets seen by more people than normal..hence (theoretically!) more business. You've collected a very pretty one there - love the earrings!

  3. Happy new year to you too as well! I do have to empty the bottles myself, Midge (suffering for my art ;-)) but I have quite a bit of help from DH! Ta for info about Treasuries, Caroline and for your compliments :-)

  4. I love your beautiful intense colors!


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