Wednesday, 3 November 2010

Say Hi to Horace

This is Horace

He lives at Stoke Rochford, a village that's a 3-4 mile drive from our home. Every couple of weeks or so, we like to walk Missy somewhere different to give her a bit of a change. This morning, we both took the morning off (oh, the joys of self-employment!) :-) I have quite alot on at the moment but nice weather doesn't come along that often at this time of year and DH persuaded me that this would make up for the umpteen bank holiday Mondays that we have simply ignored and worked through.

Horace lives by this bridge

I always take along some stale bread for him, he's named Horace after Laura Sparling's hothead torch (she has names for everything!) because he sounds a bit like a Hothead (used to make beads) whenever he hisses to let me know that I'm not dishing the bread out quick enough!

Horace shares the vicinity with these creatures:

Missy wants to chase them all (but isn't allowed to!)

There are loads of leaves, they were just dry enough to crackle when we walked over them :-)

The walk is a mixture of river, weir, mill buildings converted into business units, quiet country lanes, farmland,  a golf course and lots of old stone cottages

We pass by two war memorials which are particularly poignant at this time of year. My dad was a gunner on Lancasters in the Second World War so I find the Canadian one especially moving (look at the ages of the crew that died near here). Every year, the Canadian Air Force and RAF leave wreaths on memorial day.

Stoke Rochford Hall itself is impressive, currently home to the National Union of Teachers and you can hire the place for conferences etc. There's also an impressive monument to Newton, who was born in nearby Woolsthorpe Manor.

Over the small bridge, round the corner by the Church and we're almost back to the car

We got home just before it started to rain but we had a lovely morning.


  1. What wonderfully autumnal photos. And Horace is sweet - love the name! ;o)

  2. I love creature features :-)
    Love the walks I can never do and most of all........ love the colours at this moment .... give the leaves a quick russle for me. :-)xxxx make sure they go high in the air please. xxxxxxxx

  3. :-) We're hoping to get to Clumber Park for loads more leaves before too long.

  4. Sorry not had chance to check out your blog recently. Wonderful pics Sue! Autumn colours are especially beautiful this year aren't they. I agree that the Lancaster War Memorial was very moving -makes me feel so very proud of our dad! xxx

  5. No problem, Sandy :-P

    Whenever there are programmes about Bomber Command on TV or articles in the newspaper and you hear the statistics about how many crews were lost, it amazes me that we're here at all. Like you, I'm very proud of Dad. xxx


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