Thursday, 21 October 2010

Two cute photos

My cardigan was folded up and left neatly over the arm of the chair .... she looks too comfy to shift!

Have you ever tried to purchase some of Laura Sparling's lampwork beads? They go virtually as soon as she adds them to her website or Etsy store. It was therefore with mixed feelings when I got an e-mail from Sandy asking me to make her something with these:

Aren't they beautiful? I can see why Sandy liked them but ..... on the one hand I can't wait to get my mitts on them but on the other .... oi!! It's hard enough trying to get hold of Laura's beads without non-jewellery-designers buying them as well!


  1. Don't you dare move her :-)xxxx

  2. Ah bless your darling Missy! She does look comfy!

    As for Laura's beads - you've either got it or you haven't!! ;o) They are beautiful ain't they and Laura wants to see what you make with them. No excuse for photos now you've got a wonderful photographic studio set up!

    I guess I got lucky as I saw Laura's post on Twitter saying she had just put some beads on her Etsy shop and got on straightaway and fell in love with them. Had more trouble with Paypal as they had a blip that night and I was soooo worried that someone might go online and buy them but Laura assured me (via Twitter) that Etsy had already confirmed my purchase so was relieved!

    Looking forward to seeing you next Sunday when I'll be armed with Laura's beautiful beads ready to be transformed into fab jewellery! Getting 'cited now! ooooooh

    Love Sandy

  3. Hi there, both - thanks for commenting! I left her be but today I put my cardi somewhere she couldn't sleep on it! :-)
    See you next week, Sandy xx

  4. Ciao! Dopo quasi un anno di "caccia grossa" sono riuscita a comperare delle perle da Laura: se vai sul mio blog vedi cosa ho fatto. Poi dimmi cosa ne pensi, ci tengo !
    Un abbraccio. Ros


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