Thursday, 7 October 2010

tCL error

I have been turning on my kiln to warm up very gingerly all this week. Monday was the first time I'd used it for a week and it wouldn't warm up. I got an error code "tCL" on the digital read out. I got out the manual and it said there was a fault in the thermocoupler and to check the wiring. Sounded like a job for DH but then I went to Frit Happens to see if anyone else had had this problem in the past and found a thread there. Someone else had the same thing happen after a fortnight away and they needed a new relay.

I have heard about relays being replaced, Laura had to do hers not so long ago and I knew it was an easy fix. I rang the people recommended at Cherry Heaven and a very helpful gentleman suggested I put the kiln in a warmer room. Apparently, the programmer has an expectation of how quickly the kiln should heat up. if it doesn't do that, it thinks something has gone wrong. The margin of decision has been increased on the newest programmers. it's not a fault - just an over-sensitivity. I was a bit sceptical about this solution as it's been much much colder than it was on Monday (especially last winter!) and the kiln has still worked. Anyway, if it still wasn't doing anything after warming it up, he said to ring back. I turned my heater on and left it for half an hour and it worked; every since it has been as good as gold.

I don't know why I didn't get this error on colder days in the past; one of life's little mysteries, I have a personal theory that my kiln just missed me whilst we were away and wanted a bit of attention as I'd been taking it for granted. My kiln has served me well for nearly four years without a problem and I certainly would've been stuck if it hadn't started working again.


  1. Hey Sooz,

    Did you have any joy with your kiln... my kiln is saying tcl now... booo =(


  2. Hi Clare, I ended up buying a Bead Cube from Kiln Care. It's a cracking little kiln, I've been very happy with it but it's a little small for my needs now. I am going to get the Paragon looked at by a professional. I've sent a more detailed response to your hotmail e-mail address with all the UK dealers etc. Hope you get up and running again soon!


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