Thursday, 23 September 2010

Lori's competition

Before bed last night, I was reading blogs but too tired to leave any comments. The blogs must've been on my mind because I dreamed about a competition Lori Anderson of Pretty Things was having. You had to sneak into her house at night, eat a piece of chicken in sauce and then leave patterns in the dirty plate. The most artistic plate won the competition. 

Fortunately, the real competition is a little more mainstream, if you blog about it, you can win a book so why not pop over there and enter! And the best thing for Lori is that there'll be no washing up when she gets up!


  1. Oh my word, you made me laugh out loud, which is hard to do when eating oatmeal. That is HILARIOUS and sadly like something I WOULD do at a picnic with my son.

  2. I always wonder what cats and dogs dream of when their paws go like the clappers when they are asleep. Never wondered what artist's dream of....... :-) :-) x x x NOW I KNOW..... X


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