Sunday, 22 August 2010

Technology multi-tasking re-enabled

Dunnit! Crawling around on the floor, tracing the routes of wires, unplugging and plugging things back in, re-setting passwords etc. etc. all done. Internet multi-tasking is back on the Agenda. Phone and broadband now triumphantly working together at the same time - no more cursing the position of the sockets. I am a happy gal today - it doesn't take much to please me :-)

This is the last of my no-picture postings. I have time until Sainsbury's arrive with the the rest of the week's groceries so I am going to catch up on the rest of the blogs I didn't manage to look at on Friday night. Once Sainsbury's have been, there's three hours of lawn mowing to do - busy, busy, busy!

Hope you are achieving your goals this Sunday.

Edit added later: Wouldn't you know it, I had no sooner clicked "Publish post" than there was a knock on the door - no rest for the wicked, I shall catch up with the rest of you a bit later :-)


  1. Glad you're all up and working again.

    Having no internet is a nightmare, isn't it? How on Earth did we cope before the wonderful world wide web?

    Laura x

  2. I barely remember! :-) I'm pretty certain we all had much more time but I certainly wouldn't be without websites, blogs and on-line shopping!

  3. Brillient !
    x x x Amie will send you a post card to celebrate your return :-)

  4. Were you wearing stripey socks?

    (BTW, you were on a roll this had me cracking up at all of your comments.)

  5. Hiya Midge and Jenn - thanks for stopping by :-)


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