Friday, 20 August 2010

Stormy internet

I've been a bit quiet on internety things this week. Not yesterday but the Thursday before, during one of the numerous thundery downpours, our house was hit by lightning. I heard an enormous thunderclap directly overhead which was so loud, it made me spill my cuppa but DH, who was upstairs in his study, got a flash in the corner of the room as well!

It completely did for our new phone with the cordless extension which enables me to hear the phone wherever I'm in the house and also damaged our internet connection. I was still able to get broadband but we couldn't use the (old) phone at the same time. Switching between the two meant disconnecting and reconnecting everything. Of course the switches and power sockets are in the most inaccessible place under the desk. With DH working from home, he needs the phone on for most of the day so it was just such a pain til the BT Outreach engineer came, I just checked e-mails once (maybe twice) a day and left it at that.

The Engineer came on Thursday this week, he changed the surge protector and box but there was still a problem. He's pretty certain that the broadband hub has had been damaged and needs replacing. Broadband isn't handled by BT Outreach so he couldn't just put a replacement in. We had to phone up again. Fortunately, they have sent a new hub which arrived today and so hopefully when I connect that up on Sunday, that will be the end of my internet woes!

I've been too busy making jewellery for my stall tomorrow in Cambridge to fix it up today so I'll be back on Sunday, hopefully with photographs of everything new I've been up to. Because I've not been on-line much, I've had a super-productive week! :-)

Have a nice weekend everyone!


  1. Oh wow...... They do say it never strikes in the same place twice.
    How is CINDY ?
    How are you ?
    Scary stuff !
    Good to have you back though xxx

  2. Nancy (I think you mean) :-) survived the lightning and seems fine although his/her tank wasn't far from the old hub.

    The really scary bit is setting up the new hub :-) I have opened the box, it looks simple ... fingers crossed!


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