Monday, 9 August 2010

Soggy bottoms

There's a blog I read called "Soggibottom". I think I came across Michele (Midge) who writes it when she started following Laura Sparling's blog. Midge's avatar is a bear and I was intrigued so I clicked to find out more about this person whose blog had such a strange name.
I'm not sure where the word Soggibottom comes from, perhaps its because she lives at the damp end of her village or perhaps it's something to do with the name of the place the Coen Brother's film "Oh Brother Where Art Thou" was set. Anyway, Midge writes a great blog about lots of things - her home, garden, restoring vintage bears (which she is an expert in), and her pets amongst other stuff. It's so entertaining, I became a follower and left a couple of comments and then, when Midge left a couple of comments on my blog, my sister Sandy read them. When Sandy saw the word "Soggibottom", it made her think of this photograph taken of us in our swimming costumes. It brings back so many memories! I guess I was about 6 and Sandy was 4 when this was taken.

Those swimming costumes have gone down in family legend because my sister and I both hated them but were made to wear them everytime we went to the seaside (or here to a swimming pool at Butlins I think). They took years to grow out of because they were so stretchy. They were OK(ish) when dry but if they got wet, they stretched even further ... mine (I am on the left here) went down to my knees if i went in the sea!


  1. Thanks Sue :-)
    Just like to say how elegant you both looked in your swim gear. x x x

  2. hmmmm and my "costume" took even longer to grow out of cos I always had your hand-me-downs!!! Happy days eh Sue and our really soggy bottoms! Always used to get in a tangle putting it on too with all those tie ups at the back!

  3. Maybe it's the trauma from those swimming costumes but I don't go swimming to this day. I can swim, I learnt when I was about 11, but I really don't want to ... ever again!


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