Wednesday, 25 August 2010

My poor toe

I stubbed my toe quite badly on Sunday. I broke my big toe once several years ago, it didn't hurt quite as much as that did but almost! It's the one next to my little toe. This toe is slightly longer than all my other toes (except the big one) and hence it's more susceptible to being stubbed.

It has gone all kinds of colours in the intervening days and it is still sore to put weight on three days later. Colour-wise, today it looks its "prettiest" ... don't worry, I am not going to subject you to the photograph I have taken of it!

I recalled reading on a couple of the many blogs that I regularly follow about an application whereby you upload a photograph and the website or i-phone application will tell you what colours are in it. I can't recall which blog it was, sorry so I apologise if you are reading this thinking "that was me!" Please feel free to tell me again :-)

A quick google revealed Design Shack with links to various web and phone applications that will do all kinds of things with colour. I selected Colour Grab. I confess I chose mainly because it sounded like it would do what I wanted plus (a minor point) the site spelled Colour correctly (apologies to my transatlantic readers!! :-))

Anyway, after uploading my pic, here are the colours my toe is displaying today (the silver is my nail polish!)

And to keep the promise I made last week before I became properly web re-enabled, here are a couple of bracelets that I photographed last week and were on my stall on Saturday. This one is made with a blue version of the red scibble beads which were a big hit during the early part of the summer.

The matching earrings that I made sold immediately. I love the combination of CIM Lapis with Fremen. I only had one rod of Fremen (thanks again, Laura!) and today I have been soaking it in soapy water to get rid of the colour label so I could make 5 more beads today (have added Fremen to my list of glass colours to buy when I next place an order).

This bracelet is a variation of my crocodile shoes bracelets. This is going to be one of the last bracelets that I make in this style of bead so get in quick if you want it!

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  1. Gorgeous bracelets Sue!

    Colourful bruises is what happens when you get older - didn't ya know! How is your poor toe? You'll have to knit some thicker socks to protect it :>)


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