Friday, 27 August 2010

Mardy bead muse

My bead muse stomped off on Monday in a right old temper and she hasn't come back. I know what's upset her, I agreed to two commissions last Saturday and she was a bit off with me about it at the time and on Monday, we fell out completely. I'm having to think seriously about accepting commissions in the future as she gets so-o-o-o huffy about them these days. If I'm not doing exactly what she wants, this is what happens.

All the experiments I made for the commissions ended up in my big reject jar. In fact, apart from recycled Cava and Bombay Sapphire beads, the only ones I got made this week were the very simple frit beads in this necklace. The colours are lovely but technically, not at all difficult to make. Fortunately, my jewellery muse stuck by me and helped me make the necklace (secretly, I think I always liked her just a tiny bit better anyway!) I'm sure we'll all kiss and make up next week.

Have a lovely bank holiday weekend everyone!


  1. I like Muse, only because they come from down here... sorry :-)
    I'm sure it'll all be fine next time you meet up. :-)
    x x x x

  2. Ha! :-) My sister, Sharon, likes the band Muse, too - I can't say I've heard anything by them - must borrow some CDs!

  3. I bet EVERYONE in Lincolnshire heard the Muse last Monday ;o)) (and I don't mean the Band!) Hope you've kissed and made up now. Looking forward to seeing you tomorrow but you can leave the bad muse behind! xxx

  4. My muse has been MIA for the last year since I still think in glass but work in polymer. I do believe she's traveling in TARDIS and is caught in a time/space rift and has not broken free. Doctor!

  5. Hi Sandy - great party on Sunday wasn't it? Lovely to see you and Chris. Martin looked quite overcome by his present. I SAW the photograph in our car that you left for me, DH is in big time trouble for helping you and I am planning my revenge! It will be spectacular and you won't see it coming ... ;-)

    Hi Jenn, your muse definitely does put in an appearance with your polymer beads; sounds like you're enjoying Doctor Who!


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