Thursday, 5 August 2010

From pears to pairs

First of all, here's a picture of some pears growing on the West wall of our cottage. This is our third summer here, the first year, we didn't get any at all because whoever pruned it before we arrived, did it at the wrong time of year and cut off the flowering branches. Last year we got lots of teeny weeny pears which we left to the wasps. There are fewer this year but they look far more promising (which they have no right to do at all as I haven't done anything to the plant at all!)
So ... clever link coming up here, from pears to pairs (of earrings!) These are the earrings that I made for my sister and I to match our pendants, Sandy has already seen the photograph, though she hasn't got her jewellery yet (soon, Sandy, I promise!)

I wasn't going to blog about these at all as they won't be for sale on my stall however, the earrings have a new component that I'm introducing to my work which I realised today I haven't told you about - the little silver bit at all top is made from PMC. The idea behind this design is that the earring is a stylised flower. The PMC silver bit at the top is the covering of the flower bud reflexed back after the flower opened. The two glass beads together are the flower, the closest flower I can think of shape-wise would be a fuchsia (though the colour is way off!!) and then the trailing bits of silver chain hanging down are the stamens.

I liked the shallow reflexed item a lot but thought it would be a lot more dramatic with lots of petals and more finely divided so I some eight petalled versions but unfortunately, at the greenware stage whilst I was refining edges and sanding out minor blemishes, this happened - I have four like this! All attempts at repairing them at the greenware stage have ended in frustration and the broken ones now look much worse than the picture - they will be recycled into PMC paste I think.
Out of six, I did manage to get two made without breaking them and here's the result on a pear (ha!) of earrings made with a couple of my orange/red plasma doughnut nuggets and some 8mm carnelian rounds. I clearly need more practice in being gentle with PMC at the unfired fragile biscuit/greenware stage. Fortunately, once it's fired, its indistinguishable from normal fine silver and can be handled normally.


  1. Must say that I like both pairs of pears/pairs.
    I wouldn't have noticed the difference between silver and non silver.... interesting.
    We haven't got tree pears. Swop for a bunch of grapes :-) x x x

  2. Love the earring tree Sue! Those PMC thingies look SOooo easy to make - must be just like playing with plasticine - lol! I'd love to be a fly on the wall (or wasp!) when you are making them - surely you of all people don't get frustrated when they break??

    How are the wasps by the way? I haven't read any recent reports in Gardeners Which about that mad Lincolnshire woman lately ...

    Hurry up with my jewellery cos I need an excuse to buy a new top to match (don't tell Chris ;o) )

    Keep making your fantastic creations - love them all! - see ... I can be nice sometimes!

    Love sis

  3. Lovely earrings...and pears.

  4. Thanks, everyone! :-)

    I'll look forward to the grapes when they're ripe, Midge! ;-)

    Wasps are still behaving themselves, thank you, Sandy and since when did you ever need an excuse to buy a new top!!!

  5. You're so lucky to have a pear tree! And I love the earrings! It's so hard to make perfect lampwork pairs, isn't it?

  6. Thanks, Lori - I find if I make six beads, I can usually get a matched pair, if I'm lucky, I get two! With the plasma doughnut nuggets I'm cheating a little because they're irregularly shaped so I can get away with them not being as closely matched :-)


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