Thursday, 26 August 2010

A bit wet

This is the view of my commute to work from the kitchen window. I think I'll need to take my brolly with me ...

My theory about the weather is that it's getting all the rain out of the way so we can all have a lovely bank holiday!

What's it doing where you are?


  1. Always worth taking the brolly - nothing worse than a downpour just before you need to head back up to the house.

    It's raining here in Oxford - light drizzle. It's that fine misty stuff that is going to play havoc with my hair today!

    Laura x

  2. Pah!! Call that a "commute" Sue???

  3. Might need your snorkel and flippers here :-) x x x Don't forget to take your slippers off Sue.
    x x x

  4. We wouldn't have got any laundry dry today, Laura!

    Hi Sandy - I know :-) :-) :-)



  5. Hi Midge, your toad will be enjoying the damp :-)

  6. I don't like all this rain cos it brings out all the nasty slimy things in the garden - I actually saw a SNAKE in the garden yesterday ... okay, it might've been a worm! ;>) Darcy kept pawing at it - eeeeewww!!

  7. I like your thinking and it seems to have worked - woke up to blue skies for the first time this week :) Clouding over again now though :(

    Anyway, whatever the weather, I hope you have a lovely BH weekend!

    I thought you might like to know that I wore your beautiful earrings while I was in SA and they received several compliments - one friend, who has a bit of an earring thing, almost mugged me for them :)

    And thank you, thank you for your kind thoughts and words recently Sue - MUCH appreciated!


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