Monday, 28 June 2010

Seed heads

I picked these seed heads on a walk yesterday evening. I thought they looked interesting and might make an organic base for PMC paste. Painted over the top in many layers, after drying and firing, the PMC turns into silver and the seed head burns away to leave behind a hollow form which might make an interesting pendant. I have no idea what plant the seed pods are, but all of them were closed when I put them on the table last night. This morning, the largest one had exploded! The exploded one looks like a dandelion clock but it's much bigger than one of those. Anyway, I'd better get busy with the PMC paste before the other two go the same way; I've never done this before so I have no idea whether it'll work well for me.

Very disappointed with the football yesterday, let's hope Andy Murray can do something for British sport this afternoon. I am poised with my ironing basket to watch as soon as the Williams -v- Sharapova game finishes! I am never on top of my ironing pile except during Wimbledon. I do not allow myself to watch television in the middle of the day but when it's a British player at Wimbledon, I do my ironing inbetween points and kid myself that I am doing something productive rather than being a couch potato!


  1. Pleased to say Murray WON !
    If your still doing your ironing and are slightly pushed as you need some more. I'll drop mine over to you.... I can see you love doing it :-) x x x
    Haven't a clue about the seed heads though.

  2. You're just too kind! I have plenty for the next match, might be getting a bit short for the semi-final though :-)

  3. Hey couch po-tat-eeo, how is the sports viewing going? I love the idea of those dandilion clock seed heads being coated in PMC! Did you try? Please do tell! I have never really examined these before but they are definitely an interesting shape with awesome detail. They almost look like natures paint brush, a posh one. See you soon, Les.

  4. Hi Les, they've had 7 coats of PMC so far and looking good, I want to give them 3-4 more before I fire them hopefully by the end of the week so hopefully I'll be putting some more photographs on the blog in a few days if all goes well! See ya.


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