Monday, 7 June 2010

Quick wave

Just a quick wave in passing to say I'm still about, I got a new laptop computer last week and any recent blogging time has been spent installing software, updating things, remembering passwords etc. and all the other bits and pieces that are necessary to get my on-line workflow back to where it was before (but very much faster!)

Very pleased to say that I can now print, my old laptop (7 years old) just wasn't able to communicate with printers, it had a major strop every time I tried and in the end, I just e-mailed everything to DH to print for me so he will be pleased that isn't necessary any more. On today's list of jobs to do was to get the digital camera working - how easy it all is now, no messing around with disks or anything. Here is the proof, this is an image of my new laptop taken with said camera (looking at Laura's blog, what else?!)

I'm still making beads and jewellery and attending my stall on Saturdays; I just haven't had much time to tell you about it!

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  1. Ha! My blog!

    That looks like one lovely laptop. It's always a hassle re-installing stuff but oh, the joy of fast computing and lovely shiny keys!

    Laura x


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