Thursday, 20 May 2010

What a knit

I got the yarn to knit this snuggly heavy duty cardigan when we were on holiday, DH paid for it as part of my birthday present, lovely man that he is. And look, unlike all the cardigans in the shops at the moment, it has arms that go all the way down to my wrists. I am such a fashion guru (not!) It was made on huge 8mm and 10mm needles and I knitted the pieces in 8 days flat! I really like the coconut shell buttons, the colour goes really nicely.

So if it knitted up so quick, why so long before I finished it? Well it was the sewing bit, I'm not that keen on sewing, especially by hand (except cross stitch which I quite enjoy ... doesn't make any sense does it? Even I don't try to understand the way my mind works!) That's the great thing about socks (especially toe up ones), no sewing.

Anyway, when I did get round to putting all the pieces together, I managed to sew the last arm onto the garment inside out! I was so cross with myself, I put it aside for quite a long time. Of course, now I've got it finished, the weather is beautifully warm and I could actually do with a lighter weight cardigan ...

Unfortunately, my sister, Sandy saw the cardigan during its period of neglect and I have been beseiged with texts since then taking the pee. So yes, I am a knit, yes, I have stitched myself up, yes, I am fed up with all the ribbing! ;-)


  1. I'm SOoooo glad you have finally finished it Sue. Looks great and will be fab in this hot weather we're having at the moment!!

    It was only 'armless fun I was having with all those text messages. Honestly! Luv ya really ...

    Love Sandy

  2. And here's me thinking you were all punned out, thanks sweetie, love you too!

  3. Ah, how sweet! I know you'd give your right arm to be as quick as me with puns!


  4. Great work, Sue! Lovely yarn.

    I hate the sewing up part too. I much prefer knitting things in one piece on circulars.

    Laura x

  5. As the owner of the world's largest collection of half knitted jumpers, I am filled with admiration. Great planning, too, knitting your winter woollies in such good time !!

  6. I'm impressed! I tried to knit a cardigan for myself once and ran out of steam after completing the back and only one sleeve, so I think you've done brilliantly to finish all the bits. The sewing it together is a step beyond brilliant as far as I'm concerned - inside out or not! :)

  7. Thanks for your interest, Jean and Kenda - I think it'll be a while before I do anything else apart from socks!

  8. Gorgeous cardigan! Someday I'm going to learn to knit!


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