Sunday, 30 May 2010

More daisies

This photograph looks suspiciously like the last daisy photograph but these are much bigger wild flowers - ox-eye daisies. There were thousands upon thousands of them lining the verges of the A14 on the way home from All Saints Art & Craft Market yesterday. I didn't make a suicide stop on the very busy road to take this photograph; fortunately, there are a few sizable clumps on the fringes of some farmland where we walked Missy this morning.

Good news on the red necklace I showed you on Friday, the customer who picked it up was really pleased with it and bought it. I'm still waiting for the the customer who wanted the black necklace but it was only 50/50 she would make it anyway. Quite frankly from around 10.30am I was surprised to see anyone shopping in the outdoors given all the rain we got in Cambridge yesterday. Fortunately it was dry when we were setting up and packing away our stalls so overall, given the dire forecast, we stallholders felt quite fortunate!

I bought some plants for the garden on Friday so I'm off to go plant them and enjoy the windy sunshine. I hope everyone is enjoying the bank holiday weekend!

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