Tuesday, 25 May 2010

Daisies and bats

My lawn was well overdue for cutting this week. My lawnmower broke last time I cut it. As it's over 15 years old, I have been researching new ones on the Which On-Line website. I won't bore you with the details but I am very specific about what I need and it just doesn't seem to be available.

I will have to get my existing one fixed. In the meantime, it has been too hot to spend the marathon 3 hours it takes to do the huge lawns that I have here anyway. Today it was much cooler and a neighbour was kind enough to lend me their mower, but it seemed such a shame to cut all these lovely daisies down.

Speaking of the natural world, I was nodding myself to sleep in front of the News at 10 last night when Missy woke me up jumping up at what appeared to be absolutely nothing and then I realised that she was trying to catch a bat that was flying about in the lounge; it was a surreal moment, for a minute I thought I was dreaming. DH and I opened the door to the hallway and then the front door and kind of "herded" it out by waving our arms about at it.

It actually happened twice last year as well when I left the house windows open at around dusk, on one occasion last summer, we had two at the same time. There are lots of trees near to us which I guess is where they are roosting, I mustn't forget about open windows at dusk in the future!


  1. What a lovely daisy photo!

    A bat? In the house? My goodness - I like them from a distance and they have cute little faces but that would have freaked me right out.

    Laura x

  2. It was quite a freaky encounter; I definitely prefer to watch them swooping for moths in the garden than flying around my house!


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