Monday, 10 May 2010

Beside the sea

Lots of things around at the moment seem to involve the sea. There was our lovely holiday a couple of weeks ago on the Northumbrian coast, BBC4 have a season of programmes to do with the sea, the government seems to be all at sea whilst they decide what to do about the hung parliament (Is Gordon Brown waving or drowning I wonder!) I also picked up a commission from a lady who is having a seaside themed wedding in a little under three weeks time. Apparently she is getting married by the sea so her theme followed on from that, I think that is just such a cool idea!

She picked up the three bracelets pictured above on Saturday and was so pleased, she ordered another pink one! (I made sure I got her permission to feature the bracelets in the blog as I didn't want to ruin any surprise). I'm keeping my fingers crossed for fine weather for her.

The blue one is made with recycled glass from a Bombay Sapphire gin bottle, the green one is made from a recycled Perrier water bottle and the pink one is made from Effetre glass with an intense pink frit mixture. The silver beads are a mixture of fair trade Karen Hill tribe fine silver and Bali sterling silver.


  1. Gorgeous braclets, Sue. That blue one is fabulous! Whenever I see Bombay Sapphire I always think of you. Not because you drink copious amounts of it but because you always make wonderful beads with the bottles!

  2. Thanks, Laura! I guess that's a kind of immortality ;-)


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