Tuesday, 27 April 2010

Sunsets on holiday

I've been quiet on the blogging front last week as we had a holiday a holiday in Bamburgh in Northumberland. We had a lovely week, very calming and restful. I was letting little things get out of proportion before we went, a sure sign that I needed a break. Weather was absolutely great, a couple of odd showers but dry apart from that, though there was a cold North Easterly blowing for some of the time - it's quite close to the Scottish border so we needed to be wrapped up for the walking we did with rests at various pubs with beer gardens so we could take our dog, Missy in. The three of us walked miles, and every evening we were on the beach for the sunset; most of the time, we had the entire beach to ourselves - it was magical.

The above is my favourite sunset picture taken by DH on the camera that he used to use for his architectural photography in the days when he earned his living taking photographs for building companies.

Here are a few more taken as the sun was going down.

(Click on thumbnails to get a larger version).
I think this one that he took of the sunrise is absolutely stunning, the reflected warmth on the rocks near the rock pools is beautiful and the lonely seagull completes a perfect sunrise photograph in my rather biased opinion! I'm afraid I didn't get up early to join DH when he took it though! (Who on earth gets up at 4.30am when they're on holiday?!) He says the seagull was a happy accident, he didn't even notice it when he was taking the shot (I wouldn't have admitted that!)

This one was taken the same day, a little earlier - a great cold sky on this one!

Finally, a couple of Bamburgh Castle lit up at night.

Hope I haven't bored you too much!


  1. Your photographs are stunning. My mom and I were just oohing and ahhing over them. Absolutely stunning!

  2. Oh wow Sue - those photos are absolutely breathtaking! Hope you're going to get them printed off. Well done Geoff on the composition etc. (I'm with you Sue on the staying in bed whilst he takes the photos at 4.30am!) Glad you all had a good time.
    Love Sandy xx

  3. How could anyone ever be bored when there are so many fabulous photos.

  4. Hello everyone, many thanks for your comments, Geoff is very chuffed you like them. Jean, I notice you're a fellow Joanne Harris fan, I just finished re-reading Blackberry Wine, I think this is my favourite novel by her. I like to read it every Spring and think that I must get back into growing vegetables.

  5. Oops, forgot to say - Sandy, yes, I've got them printed already and in a special frame which has six places for pictures so I've had to miss a couple out. I bought in a gift shop, it looks like it was made from driftwood - very seaside!

  6. Wow - the photos are amazing! The scenery is pretty good too. ;o)

    Laura x


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