Tuesday, 6 April 2010

SLS and earrings

SLS = serious life stuff. SLS has been dominating the last several days, hence the relative quiet for last couple of weeks. DH is starting a new business which has required some financial re-jigging. A long trip down to Sussex to say goodbye to Uncle Fred, that was sad. Also, some not-so-SLS has been going on with my new varifocal glasses but enough said about that the better - it has just taken up so much flippin' time; being able to see well is really important for me doing so much close up work!

In addition a sudden glut of commissions from my lovely customers visiting my stall; it's brilliant to be so busy but leaves me less time for photographing new work and updating the website and blog so I may not be here much in next couple of days though I do have some toe-up socks I've been meaning to show off for a while!

Whilst I get myself back into gear after a nice bank holiday Sunday and Monday (I just worked on Friday, I cannot take Fridays before a market Saturday off!) I can show you some matching earrings and a bracelet which were made to go with the almond blossom necklace.


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