Sunday, 11 April 2010

Earrings and almond blossom

There are lots of yellow flowers about at the moment. The flowers have nothing to do with the subject of my title to this post but they look so nice in the lovely weather we're enjoying this weekend, I thought I'd share them. My posting is really about something you've already seen lots of ... my almond blossom jewellery so I thought I'd not bore you with any more photographs of it.

The new jewellery is being well received by customers at my stall, I had a terrific day there yesterday, lovely weather, steady stream of customers and my varifocal glasses crisis has been sorted out at last too.

It's always a little quiet on Grand National day, I don't know why, maybe everyone is saving their money to have a little flutter but most of the shops I went into yesterday were also quiet. Anyway, I'm getting off the point, someone bought one of the Almond Blossom bracelets and was considering a matching pair of earrings as well. I was telling my customer about the inspiration for the beads in the jewellery being a Van Gogh painting and the nearby person (overhearing this) who said "You'll only be wanting the one earring then", shall remain nameless! (Very funny though!) :-)


  1. Love the yellow! The flowers and the forsythia are so lovely this time of year. I smile just looking at them :-)

  2. Brighter days, brighter flowers, brighter me! :-)


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