Friday, 30 April 2010

Missy safe after operation

Bit of a worrying day yesterday, Missy had her operation, I cannot tell you how quiet the house seemed without her once DH took her to the vets. Even though she had a powerful sedative to keep her calm til the operation, Geoff says she was still really interested in the smell of rabbits who were also waiting in a separate cage for operations. All went well and she was back home just before 4pm last night. We have had a pretty sleepless night with her. She doesn't seem to be in any pain as the vet gave her nerve blockers and pain killers as well as antibiotics but she's clearly in a little discomfort so she was fidgety from 2am onwards for the rest of the night (she sleeps on our bed).

Instead of taking a photograph of her a little under the weather and looking daft with the "lampshade" collar she has to wear to stop her licking the wound and unpicking the stitches, I've include a couple of snaps of us taken on holiday last week. Look at the state of my hair(!!); I told you it was windy! And honest, DH isn't attempting to strangle her, she was lovely company on holiday and I'm hoping she'll be back to her normal boundless energy self very soon!


  1. Awww- so glad everything went ok! I have a package ready to ship to you by the way... from way back when we had a give away "pay it forward" on our blog. I lost your address and am SO sorry for the delay- email me at whenever you may have a moment and I will ship your surprise! Jenelle

  2. Many thanks, Jenelle. Have e-mailed you. Update on Missy, she is getting stronger every day and will soon be back up to full strength!


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