Friday, 26 March 2010

The Railway Children

My very old mobile phoneAn item on the radio this morning reminded me of something that happened one Saturday on my stall earlier this month.

Apparently the Railway Children is 40 years old and there is going to be some kind of party at Waterloo station to celebrate it. The Railway Children is a special film to me because it is the first one that I can remember going to see at the cinema (yes, yes, when it first came out - that dates me!)

Anyway, on this particular Saturday, at lunchtime when I was popping to the shops to pick up some bits and pieces, I saw Jenny Agutter (who starred in the Railway Children) going into a restaurant in Cambridge City Centre. I recognised her immediately, she looked very stylish and elegant. I don't know if anyone else saw a series called The Invisibles a year or two ago, she was excellent in that as well starring opposite Anthony Head's character as his wife (very very jealous!) Of course she's been in loads of things inbetween as well.

Anyway, a little later on, at the end of the day after packing away all my jewellery, I always send my mum and dad a text as they like to know how I got on so I mentioned it in my message and .... spooky pause ... guess what mum was watching on TV at the time my text came through?! The Railway Children was being run on BBC3 or something. It's normally, my sister Sandy that does the weirdo stuff like this but some of her wicken power must have rubbed off on me!


  1. That was weird about the Railway Children wasn't it - spooky! I believe a production is being staged at the old Eurostar Terminal at Waterloo Station some time during July.

  2. .. and THEN she was on GMT a couple of days ago - she is haunting me! :-)


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