Sunday, 7 March 2010

End of winter?

Although it means waving goodbye to these lovely snowdrops and aconites which I can see out of my kitchen window, I think the sunshine of the last three days may mean that Spring is Springing. The daffodils haven't really shifted much beyond poking their noses out of the soil but I think they'll get going very soon if this lovely weather keeps going.

On my stall yesterday, it was definitely cold but I am not going to grumble about the weather - oh no, not me ... not after packing away in a thunder and heavy hailstorm last Saturday!

I'll be updating the website a little later with new photographs of the things that I made (some have sold already but again, I'm not going to grumble about that either!)

Brilliant news was waiting for us in the post when we got home yesterday, there has been a second Adjucation on the Countryside Properties stuff with our house close to Cambridge there's a long document formally summarising the situation but they have again found in our favour on all points except one minor one which we aren't going to argue about.

From what I gather, unless further evidence is provided by us or Zurich Insurance, the Ombudsman will now find in our favour. We have a couple of weeks to accept the Adjudicator's offer (which we will). There is a warning stating that the Ombudsman will back the Adjudication unless there is significant new evidence. If Zurich don't accept it, then it will go to the Ombudsman for a final decision which is binding. We'll wait and see what they do, I guess but it's another round to us. It is taking a long time to sort out but at least we're getting there and it's all good news for us at the moment so we're having an extremely happy weekend!

There was also another letter with excellent news it in, but that's more appropriate for my Free Me Of Palm Oil blog so I'll blog about that over there.


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