Tuesday, 16 March 2010

The cost of jewellery

The price I pay for being able to make jewellery out of recycled glass beads like the above bracelet (made from recycled cava bottle glass) is holes in my clothes!
In fact, this hole is a monster, a record for me actually. If you introduce glass to the flame a tad too fast, bits are apt to fly off hence very good eye protection. Glass from bottles is particularly "shocky" and prone to do this. The bits are hot and make holes in clothes very easily. It's quite normal for me to get smaller holes - you can see a teeny one top right.

I wonder if I can offset a replacement fleece against my tax?! My £100 penalty notice arrived about a week ago, they sent a leaflet and a form telling me how to appeal so I guess they're expecting me to argue about it!


  1. Good grief - it never occurred to me that bead making might be dangerous! I think it's worth trying for a tax deduction... :)

    p.s. I hope my card arrived this week? I wore my earrings today and not only do they feel lovely but I received two compliments for them! Thank you again!

  2. Hi Kenda, yes I got your thank you card - it's beautiful and is currently cheering up my lounge. The jolly blossom you sent with it is hanging up in my beadmaking studio near the window - such a rich colour and it sways in the breeze making me think of summer already! :-)


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