Thursday, 21 January 2010

Wrong turquoise

I am cross with myself. On Monday I had a play at the torch trying out all kinds of things I didn't get time to do at the back end of last year and had a fine old time. As I went, I made a note of what glasses and frits I used in case I wanted to go into production with any of the beads that resulted. I quite liked this turquoise lentil on the left and spent four hours yesterday making a batch of them along with some smaller round matching spacers. I was so disappointed when they came out of the kiln. Instead of actually reading my notes to check, I just went ahead and used dark turquoise glass instead of light turquoise. As you can see - the frit hardly shows up at all! I guess I can use them in combination with some other beads so it's not an entirely wasted morning but disappointing nonetheless.

Just to update you on the fine silver stud earrings, I'm not sure that diamond stud earrings really work as a shape. I'm not happy with them, the diamond design works really well as a dangly earring, I love them despite the wonky holes, but for studs they're just not right. So I've made some round stud earrings, similar design just a different shape. These are firing in my kiln as I type so I'll be cleaning them up, enamelling and then finishing them off hopefully today.

I think because I wear dangly earrings a lot myself and I prefer them to studs, I just have more of an affinity with making danglies. If I don't like the new round ones, I think I'll have to call it a day on studs. I can only make jewellery that I like myself; I can't sell jewellery that I have little enthusiasm for. It's like I've been asked to make men's jewellery in the past but I had to pass on that. I just don't "get" men's jewellery, DH doesn't wear any at all (not even a watch!) so he can't guide me in what men are looking for. I am beginning to wonder if I "get" studs ... we'll see!

It's been on my mind since Christmas that I really need to do my on-line tax return and get all my papers sorted out and filed (they're currently in a big pile awaiting my attention). I had steeled myself to do it today but when there's jewellery to be made, I'm afraid that has taken priority, I've got 10 more days before the £100 fine deadline kicks in, I'll do it next week!


  1. It's not a wasted bead! Just more subtle. On a side note, I'm glad your headaches are getting better. I don't know what the deal is, but several people I follow have been having the worst time with headaches (including me!) these last few months. They can sure put a damper on things, can't they!

  2. I'm definitely needing fewer painkillers now, thanks Jenn. :-) I go to see Osteopath again on Monday and my scan is on the 1st Feb. I'm just my complaint isn't as serious as IH (I know you read Lori's blog too). I do hope it's a long, long time before you get another migraine attack.


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