Thursday, 7 January 2010

Promised fireplace photograph

... and here it is complete with DH doing .... um - I'm not sure what?!Fireplace and DH arseing aboutThe birds are getting through the bird food at the moment; the nut feeders are being filled every other day, whereas they usually last 4 days. Ditto for the half-coconuts that I fill with melted fat and birdseed. First thing in the morning I am putting a half pint mug full of sunflower seeds on the birdtable and scattering some on the ground but it's gone by lunchtime. Then at lunchtime I put a mug full of birdseed on the birdtable and ground and that's gone by the time the sun goes in! They're just ignoring the water I put out so I guess they're either eating snow or finding moisture somewhere else. Hope they all make it through the winter, I would love to take a photograph of them on one of the feeders but it means waiting out in the cold .... think I'd rather stay in the warm!

I did some enamelling yesterday with my sister, Sharon, we had a fun afternoon experimenting. I will do some photographs eventually but I need to re-finish the silver before doing that.


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