Friday, 11 September 2009

My clairvoyant sister

Red Mist lampwork handmade crystal earringsThis is so weird. I have been making jewellery for my stall this morning, out of beads made earlier in the week. I made a big batch of my charity Red Mist beads. I've made a new bracelet, three pairs of earrings, a couple of pendants. I had one matching pair of beads left over and I was just thinking to myself "What shall I do with these?" and then my mobile phone alerted me to a new text message:
Hi Sue. I was just looking at yr red mist crystal earrings. I just bought red and black dress so they'd be perfect! Any chance of you bringing a pair tomor? XX

It was from my sister (the one that doesn't make jewellery). The hairs on the back of my neck stood up and I rang her back straight away to tell her. Isn't that strange? It isn't the first time odd things happen around her! My mum and dad won't play Pictionary against us as they think we have an unfair advantage - one time I just drew a line and Sandy said "Worm" - which was the correct word. I hadn't even drawn the worm, the straight line was to represent the ground under which I was going to draw it.

So I was delighted to tell her that I'd be able to bring a pair of earrings with me for her. I have finished knitting Dad's socks. :-) We are meeting up round mum and dad's for dinner after the market tomorrow to celebrate his birthday today. (It's OK, dad doesn't have internet access so I haven't ruined the surprise!)


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