Monday, 24 August 2009

Reasons to be cheerful

Today we have heard from a good friend of ours. He had a lump removed from under his arm several days ago, just before a holiday in Cornwall. The holiday didn't work out too well, apparently it was wet (that horrible fine mizzle) every day; they ended up coming back a couple of days early. So it was fantastic for him and his family to get news today that the tissue was benign - sounds like it has cheered them up no end. That kind of thing really puts problems back into perspective!

Perrier rustic rectangles braceletSpeaking personally, I am pleased with a new shape of recycled glass beads which I made last week. Extra long perrier earringsI took the photographs last week but have only just got round to adding them to the website - here are a couple of thumbnails. They're kind of a flattened rectangle/cylinder. The earrings are really l-o-o-o-ng!

I'm going to make some beads of this shape in the lovely blue Bombay sapphire glass this week.


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