Wednesday, 15 July 2009

New large hole beads

At last, I have got a selection of large hole beads on my Pandora-style webpage. A sneak preview of three of them here:
On the page itself you get two views of each bead, one from the side and one from the top. There will be more soon.

I am hoping this morning will have fewer interruptions than yesterday. I was gonna make soooo many beads yesterday morning. I was out there turning on the kiln at 8.30am eager with anticipation - lovely weather but not too hot (just how I like it). Missy could be in the paddock outside the studio with me. The first interruption was a courier delivering a small parcel I had forgotten I was expecting, not long after that, the postman arrived with a parcel that I was expecting (so I can't really count that one). At every interruption there is a huge commotion from my dog, Missy, who was in the paddock growling and barking at every visitor until I come out of the studio and then she lets me be in charge (sometimes!)

I'd got back into beadmaking and then my Landlady, Penny, turned up. She's lovely and always terribly short of time so that didn't take long. She was warning me that a man would be with me later to do the annual service of the fire extinguishers and she was checking I was in. So I go back to beadmaking for a bit and then the man turns up.

I left the two extinguishers at the back door and asked him if he wanted a cup of tea, by the time the kettle had boiled and I took it out he had finished! I had my own tea in my hand ready to go back to work myself; I’ve been happy to go back into the shed and leave his tea with him if he was still working but as he’d finished, I didn’t feel like I could abandon him to stand around whilst he drunk it on his own so I had to drink my tea with him. Fortunately, he was a bit scared of dogs so I took him up a bit closer to Missy and this time I didn’t stop her barking so he left as quickly as possible!

Normally, you know, I don't see a soul all day if DH is working in Lincoln or Cambridge. So when I got back to work I was confident that I could go straight through til lunchtime with no further interruptions but no ... someone delivering leaflets walked past on their way to the letterbox and got Missy going again (sigh!) I gave up as a bad job - I am not good at being interrupted when I'm beadmaking!


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