Sunday, 7 June 2009

Strawberry fair

As I'm typing this, it is pouring with rain here. It started the same yesterday morning - market day in Cambridge. I decided to believe the forecast and optimistically set up my stall anyway and fortunately, it was right and the rain cleared away to leave a pleasant day.

It was strawberry fair in Cambridge. This is usually a mixed blessing for my business - there are far more people around in Cambridge than usual and if the weather is fair and not too hot, many will wander over into the craft market as well and one always hopes they will buy something. But on the other hand, serious shoppers who don't like it when it's too crowded stay away. This is my sixth year and no two have been alike so I was prepared for anything! I just hoped I wouldn't have to spend too much time doing the crossword and soduko puzzles!

I ended up having a really good day, several things have sold before they made it onto the website (again!) But as I can't garden today, I will be spending some of my day off updating the website with pictures so I'll put them straight into the gallery or on the Lampwork section with "sold" on them.

To celebrate my good day and commemorate strawberry fair's role in it, I bought a strawberry cupcake from anew stallholder who appeared last week selling tempting cakes and goodies!

It was especially nice to see Sue and Lucie, two of my regular customers, who stopped by particularly to see any red mist jewellery I had produced in aid of the Orangutan Foundation. I'm afraid I had nothing to show them, I made up a batch of the beads on Thursday but didn't get time on Friday to turn them into jewellery so that's first job on Monday. But it proves people do read the blog and so it made my day!

I also haven't made any jewellery yet with these beads, they are a variation of the Akamai beads, these are orange/yellow and brown instead of the blue/green ones you've already seen.


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