Wednesday, 24 June 2009

Perfume for dogs

My delightful dog, Missy, today decided that the perfect perfume for the lady pooch in the country is Eau de Tortoise Poo. This exclusive fragrance is available by rolling on the grass just where the tortoise has been to the loo! So she's had to have a bath, fortunately it's warm so she's drying out now looking all cross and sulky with me. So I'm a bit behind on everything now!

A few days ago, I got a lovely e-mail from a lady who bought two bracelets from me, she wants me to make her some jewellery for her birthday (better not say which one!) Black and silver is the brief and I sent her this photograph of beads I made that I thought might fit the bill:handmade lampwork black silver beads

The bead on the extreme left is made with silver leaf and as it melts, leaves behind lots of tiny little dots which are then encased in clear glass to magnify them. Some of these have clumped together in the sample on the left hand side ordinarily I would reject this bead but just for sample's sake, it gives an idea.

The bead second left is made using baking soda to create lots of tiny bubbles which look silvery as they reflect the light. Again this bead is encased in clear glass.

The bead second from the right is made using .4mm fine silver wire wrapped around the core in a random fashion, lightly melted in and then encased in clear glass.

The bead on the extreme right has been made using fine silver .99% purity mesh. As the mesh is melted into the black base bead, it leaves a network of silver dots, bigger than those left by the silver leaf. Again the bead is encased in clear glass.

Fiona has gone for the baking soda bead and so I will be matching a batch of them very soon - I think it's going to be a very stylish one-of-a-kind jewellery set, I'm so looking forward to making them!


  1. I did offer Spike half a cucumber and as many dandilions as he could eat for each um ... how to put this delicately ... output ;-/ but he said Stella McCartney had made him a better offer! :-)


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