Sunday, 31 May 2009

Still time to enter!

I had a fantastic day in Cambridge yesterday. The weather was lovely with no hint of the breeze that the forecasters promised (wind is always difficult to manage on an outdoor craft market!)

I was delighted that four of the new items that I introduced to the stall all sold
Handmade lampwork beaded braceletHand made lampwork bead necklace
Handmade lampwork beaded pendantHand made lampwork bead earrings
The bracelet uses a variation of the green shoots beads but three of the beads are kalera shaped and this time I used a base of transparent mid blue and the silvered frit has turned a lovely shiny goldy colour in a reduction flame; the photograph hasn't quite captured it. The silver beads and clasp are all Hill Tribe silver. I'm going to use more of these clasps, they really turn bracelets into a "statement" piece.

I tell a tiny porkie about the pink earrings as they didn't physically sell themselves but I took an order from someone who wants a pair made up in the blue/green beads that feature in the competition I'm running. I really like these new earrings, the "tail" is a piece of 1.5mm sterling silver wire which has been hammer finished in my trademark style which means it catches the light from lots of different angles. The top has been hammered flat so I can drill it to attach the bead and then the whole thing wrapped around - guess what! - a knitting needle to make it corkscrew. Getting the two to match was a bit tricky!

Speaking of the jewellery naming competition, there is still time to enter before midnight on Wednesday - I have received some e-mails and so, along with the two on the blog, there's only been a handful entries - which means there's an excellent chance of winning. Just make your suggestion as a blog comment or e-mail me using the contact form on my website.

Gotta run, having my brother and his partner over for Sunday lunch! Enjoy the rest of the weekend!


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