Sunday, 17 May 2009

Rain stops play

Considering how much it rained on Friday, I considered myself lucky that yesterday on the outdoor craft market was pretty much dry except for a light shower first thing. Had a great day, I'd describe sales as adequate rather than plentiful but I consider myself lucky that my business is surviving in these economically challenging times. The hagstone necklace which I wanted to keep myself was sold along with matching earrings, but it has gone to a very good home so I am glad it has gone to someone who will appreciate it!

Today I have been dodging showers trying to get some gardening done. The hardy annual seeds that I bought on bank holiday monday have been sown into pots as the area where I want to plant them has yet to be dug over. That's what I've been trying to get done today but there have been heavy showers here and after the third time of going out for twenty minutes and having to come back in, I gave up at around lunchtime and did the ironing this afternoon instead!

I got about half of it done. When it's finished, I shall transplant the pots into place and hopefully will have as colourful a border as the seed packets promise ...
Hardy annual seed packets showing colourful plants that will soon brighten my garden, I hope


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