Friday, 22 May 2009

Phone calls - hate them!

I hate being interrupted by phone calls. I think it stems back from all my years when I had a proper job working in various offices and having to take constant phone calls that I had to answer else I'd be sacked. Nowadays, I much prefer e-mail. I can reply when I want to, not when the telephone demands. DH sometimes works from home and he answers the phone (I'm quite likely to just let it ring ...!) However, he knows better than to interrupt me if I'm in the studio working on beads but when I'm making jewellery I can hear the phone ring and sometimes I might be half expecting a call like today as I have a family member in hospital, I thought I had better answer it.

But it was my bank. They telephoned me and wanted to talk to me, OK, fine, talk but make it quick. First you have to prove who you are ... but I know who I am! For security though madam. Well, how do I know you're my bank, you could be anybody trying to trick me out of my security details, because you can do 1471 and it will tell you it's National Westminster Bank. How would I know this isn't a scam and your telephone number has been set up specifically to con me out of my identity. You're ringing ME so if my telephone number is the one you have on record, it IS me, I assure you.

Well madam, if you tell me your date of birth, I can tell you why I'm ringing. But I'm not interested in why you're ringing me, I have money in the bank, I can pay all my cheques and direct debits, I don't want a loan, insurance or a re-mortgage; there is nothing I want to talk to you about. Bye bye.

I phoned the main number and complained and told them not to get their call centre drumming-up-business-staff ring me again - they have to write if they want to get my attention in future. What a waste of my time - I hate my time being wasted, I would so prefer to be making beads and jewellery. I know, I know ... I am just a grumpy old artist.


  1. Nah, you're not. I'm not keen on phonecalls either. Texts and emails for me!

    Flippin' banks. Pain in the ..... neck.


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