Monday, 4 May 2009

New jewellery and forgotten socks

I added the jewellery which I made with my zebra and green shoots beads to my website on Friday but I was too tired to blog about it as well and so here they are a little late
The zebra earrings aren't a good photograph, the big black bead is a faceted swarovski coin shaped twisted bead which is really nice but just looks like a huge black blob - better when seen and worn!

I was very pleased with the labradorite/green shoots beads combination, they suit each other very well.

I etched the hagstone beads that I made last week and they look even better now but I ran out of time for making jewellery with them so that will be on the agenda for this week.

I've had a busy bank holiday weekend, after a lovely and successful day on my stall on Saturday, I was sowing grass seed on Sunday to tidy up around the edges of the new driveway and path and the big bald bit where the lump in the lawn was flattened. I have been bribing the birds to not eat the seed by making sure the peanut feeders and half coconut fat feeders are full to brimming!

Today we were invited to my sister's house for lunch; she lives about half an hour's drive from here. My other sister, her boyfriend and my mum and dad were there so it was great to see everyone. She lives right next to a garden centre and so we had a twirl round there in the afternoon. Quite a few things fell into my basket including some colourful hardy annual seeds in order to fill up the garden with some flowers this summer.

I was telling everyone about the hagstone that I found on holiday and Sharon (the sister that also makes jewellery) suggested that I just drilled a hole through a stone myself! Cheeky mare!

I made a sock for my other sister's boyfriend, as it's the first one I've made for someone else, I took it with me as I didn't want to waste time on the other one if it didn't fit. Fortunately it was fine but I left it there - I need to get it back so I can make sure I do them the same length!


  1. I hear that Sharon was holding the sock "to ransom" for the Red Dwarf DVD which somehow found itself in your pocket .... have you watched it yet and more importantly, have you given it to Sharon yet? ;)

  2. Indeed, I had to surrender the Red Dwarf DVD before I'd watched it all in order to secure the sock's safe release - blackmail is never pretty is it?! I am regularly stroking the sock in order to reassure it that it's safe, bless. I am hoping to "borrow" the DVD again soon. :-)

  3. Looking forward to delivery of 'the sock' as I have a cold left foot.

  4. Someone's birthday is coming up ... you might find something extra in your package! :-)


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