Tuesday, 12 May 2009

Mouse in the house

Last week, I discovered that we have a little visitor to our house. It's a tiny mouse which appears to be living in our kitchen. I hadn't seen any signs of it at all until I turned round and I saw it scurry out from a Tom & Jerry style hole in the skirting board (cut for the central heating pipe to the radiator). It disappeared behind the fridge!

I am ashamed to say I got up on my toes and was half way up onto the kitchen worktop before I stopped myself. I have always prided myself on not being afraid of spiders and such like (unless they are physically climbing on me). I therefore disappointed myself by having such a girly reaction. I think it was the surprise more than anything but at least I didn't screech "Thomas ..." at the top of my voice (well, not out loud anyway).Humane mousetrapSo I have purchased a humane mouse trap from a seller on Ebay which catches the mouse, doesn't harm it in any way and allows you to release it outside without touching it. I think you can see how it works from the picture. Trouble is my dog, Missy, is far too interested in it when I leave it out during the day, she only has to nudge it with her nose and it sets it off. I can therefore only try at night when the kitchen door is shut.

So far I have tried the traditional cheese (didn't work) and birdseed (at suggestion of DH), no joy there either. My dad says bread and jam as they like sweet things but I don't have any jam in the house, I will have to scour the cupboards before bedtime!


  1. Any chance you have peanut butter? I know it's an American thing but mice love it and I thought you might have/can get some. Works like a charm.

  2. Great suggestion, I'll add it to my growing list of things to try. I am trying jam tonight (having finally done some shopping!) I'll get some peanut butter if jam and milky bars don't work. Thanks!


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