Wednesday, 13 May 2009

Jaffa cakes don't work!

No mouse in my trap this morning so the mouse clearly doesn't like jaffa cake. I shall have to add some jam to my shopping list for this week. A long time ago, I remember someone recommending milky way as a good bait for mousetraps (well, it's an excuse to buy some of those as well at the very least!)

Any other suggestions gratefully received!


  1. When we had a mouse problem at our old business premises we did the humane trap thing with jam in them. They loved the stuff! Seedless raspberry, if you're interested ....

  2. Thanks, Laura - I haven't got the shopping yet so I have put that on my list! Hope it works. I haven't set the trap last couple of nights but I have seen it again so s/he definitely needs to go.

  3. peanut butter works for me


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