Friday, 8 May 2009

Blue and green shouldn't be seen ...

My mum has a saying "Blue and green shouldn't be seen without a colour inbetween", now I'm sure she didn't make it up herself and it sounds like some old folklore passed down for aeons. Well, I shan't be passing it on to the next generation ....These beads were made on a base of opaque mid-green glass with dots of iris blue and then the gaps between those dots were filled with some ivory with silver foil burnished into the surface (been using a lot of that lately). The dots were melted flat and then gravity swirled and the whole thing encased with clear glass.

I will be making jewellery with these next week. I've got ideas for other colour combinations to make next week.

I do have photographs of new jewellery to show you but no time to add them to the website. I've got pasta bake in the oven and it will be ready in precisely six minutes so you'll have to come to my stall on the Art & craft Market in Trinity Street in Cambridge tomorrow to see them before anyone else!


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