Friday, 20 March 2009

Photography and knitting

Mermaid bracelet made with handmade lampwork beads and sterling silverI have been taking advantage of the warmer weather this week and done some photography outside.

I've got some reasonable ones finally of the silver jewellery but I haven't processed them yet.

I've also photographed all the new things I have been making this week. Until I get round to resizing and optimising the photographs, above is a taster, this is my new Mermaid bracelet.

I'll upload the new products and photographs to the website early next week.

Here is a photograph of some new yarn that arrived this week from Violet Green. It's mainly merino wool which means it's ultra soft. The colour on the right hand side is called "To the Lighthouse". The name intrigues me as it's the title of a Virginia Woolf book I've been meaning to read ever since I read a biography. Anyway, it is destined to become a pair of fingerless gloves and matching socks (I bought two skeins). It's now a bit warm for gloves but if winter tries to bite back, I'll be ready for it!

The multi-coloured one is called Enigma and will be a pair of socks very soon. Laura Sparling has a lot to answer for by getting me hooked on knitting again!


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